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3D Laser Scanning Enables Unique Reimagining of 1863 The Freedman Sculpture

Freedman Sculpture 3D laser scanning from NVision made possible a remarkable “collaboration” between two sculptors separated by 160 years. The Southlake, Texas company’s precision scanning enabled artist Hugh Hayden to create a new, 3D-printed, version of John Quincy Adams Ward’s groundbreaking sculpture



Aerospace & Defense Technology Magazine

Aerospace & Defense Technology Magazine No doubt there are many manufacturers who don’t fully understand 3D scanning and its capacity to improve the quality and speed of their output. This article addresses the most frequently asked questions about the use of 3D scanning and how it can help manufacturers establish shorter design and production timetables among other improvements.



NVision Featured in Packaging Technology Today

NVision Article in Packaging Technology Today Oct 2022NVision President Steve Kersen Explains to Packaging Technology Today How 3D Scanning Can Speed Packaging Design and Certification.

Tasked with multiple responsibilities, including the need to meet tight tolerances, reduce material waste, and obtain prompt certification, more packaging manufacturers today are finding their one-stop solution in 3D non-contact optical scanning.


3D Scanning Accelerates RedBone Production of World-Champion Goose Calls

(Southlake, Texas; September 24, 2021) -- NVision’s 3D laser and computed tomography (CT) scanning services are helping RedBone, a manufacturer of hand-crafted goose calls, get its unique products to customers faster, enabling the Elton, La., company to significantly expand its output.


Reverse Engineering parts and systems enable aircraft to keep flying or machines to keep running

NVision's Reverse Engineering capabilities featured in Quality Magazine. Many new industries are employing 3D scanning not only to create 3D models of parts or products for reverse engineering but also to explore the composition and rapid production of ready to use parts via 3D printing. Please click here to read the complete article composed by Steve Kersen, President of NVision3D.


3D Laser Scanning The Gun of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle

Ticket sales for “American Sniper” indicated that many Americans are moved by the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Mr. Kyle, with 160 confirmed kills, is recognized as America’s most successful sniper. Prior to the film, NVision participated in honoring the soldier by assisting in the creation of a life size statue of Kyle. Please click here to read the complete article.


Sculpture Honors “American Sniper” Chris Kyle

NVision volunteers its 3D laser-scanning services to create a life-size sculpture of tribute to his service, as well as that of all members of the military. Recently, Fabricating and Metalworking spotlighted the 3D laser scanning services provided by NVision. Read the complete article featured on Fabricating and Metalworking.


NVision Helps Aircraft Repair Station Quickly Obtain FAA Approval

3D laser scanning from NVision featured in Plastics Engineering. NVision's 3D laser scanning helped a certified Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station document its work on a passenger jet part with such precision that the station was able to obtain the necessary FAA approval for the repair in much less time than is usually required. Read the complete article featured on Plastics Engineering.


Manufacturing News features 3D Scanner by NVision and it's role in improving quality of heavy equipment manufacturer

A heavy equipment manufacturer with facilities throughout the world has improved the dimensional accuracy of its ground engagement tools by using an NVision HandHeld laser scanner to measure tooling and finished products with a higher degree of accuracy than was possible in the past. Read the complete article featured on Manufacturing News.


Quality Magazine partners with NVision to discuss modern day purposes for reverse engineering in article entitied "Modern Reverse Engineering of 3 D Geometry".

Many ideas can spring to mind when one hears the term reverse engineering. Some think of it as a form of corporate espionage, a means to copy competitors’ parts, others regard it primarily in terms of their own immediate industrial needs, as in the case of an electronics manufacturer using reverse engineering to replicate printed circuit boards (PCBs). Read the complete article featured on Quality Magazine, or click here to download a PDF of the article.



Vision Systems Design spotlights the 3D Scanner By NVision and Its' Role In The Creation Of Record-Breaking Art Sculpture

NVision's 3D scanner services featured on Vision Systems Design in article highlighting the creation of Jeff Koons original balloon dog sculpture. In order to recreate the original balloon dog stainless steel sculpture, 3D scanning company NVision laser-scanned the art piece and produced a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model of the dog, which Koons used to create several full-size sculptures in different colors. Read more, click here.


Power Transmission Engineering features NVision's reverse engineering project that saved major turbomachinery engineering firm time in redesigning turbine

(November 2013) - NVision, Inc. recently reverse engineered the rotor assembly, diffusers and diaphragm of a turbine for a major turbomachinery engineering firm in Texas. The full reverse engineering process only took five weeks, far less than six months that the engineering company had originally allotted for the project using less sophisticated measurement methods. "Using our own HandHeld scanner, we were able to measure the parts' geometry to extremely high levels of accuracy and produce the necessary CAD files. This made it possible for the company to perform simulations to optimize the turbine's design, substantially improving its energy efficiency," said Steve Kersen, NVision's vice president of sales and marketing. Read more, click here.


Reverse engineering of turbine featured in Vision Systems Design online, a publication specializing in Vision and Automation Solutions For Engineers and Integrators Worldwide

(October 2013) - When a major turbomachinery engineering firm in Texas was tasked with redesigning a more energy-efficient turbine for its plant, it needed to produce the proper computer-aided design (CAD) model before it could begin the project. Lacking this CAD file, the company needed to create a new one by gathering turbine geometry data in order to reverse engineer the turbine. With that in mind, the company contacted NVision. Read more, click here.


Handheld Scanner Improves Quality of Complex Castings for LED Fixtures

(October 2013) - Lighting Science® uses the HandHeld laser scanner from NVision to ensure the dimensional integrity of the extremely complicated castings it purchases and uses in its roadway light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. In the past, it was difficult to inspect the castings because their geometry was too complex for gauges and blocks and they would have taken a long time to program and inspect on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Read the complete article featured on Mold Making Technology, click here.


Laser Scanning services by NVision (a leader in 3d non-contact optical scanning) helps expland product line, featured on CAD/CAM Connect

(September 2013) - NVision’s Engineering Service Division is laser-scanning objects selected by ReadeREST, creating computer aided design (CAD) models of new clip designs, and then using 3D printing to produce prototypes of the new designs, click here to read more.


Non-contact Laser Scanning services by NVision help expand product line and improve efficiencies, featured on Lidar News

(September 2013) - Hopper contacted NVision, a leader in 3D non-contact optical scanning for over 30 years. NVision solved the problem by quickly and inexpensively laser-scanning the objects that Hopper had in mind. The company also scanned ReadeREST's existing product and merged decorative models with the current product model to create a number of new designs. After scanning, NVision engineers converted the resulting point clouds into solid models then used a 3D printer to produce prototypes of the designs. Click here to read more.


Using CT Scanning to Test / Inspect Medical Devices in the Design or Production Phase

NVision featured on NASA's TechBriefs in article spotlighting the use and continued growth of CT scanning for test and inspection of medical products. The rapid advance of medical technology has created a growing need for ever more precise technologies to measure and inspect medical components. One of the most accurate scanning technologies, and one whose use is growing in the medical equipment community, is CT scanning. Click here to read the article.


The leader in non-contact optical scanning, NVision, featured on Quality Digest online in article entitled "NVision Saves Clients Time and Money with Consulting-First Approach."

(August 2013) - Nvision offers advice on what’s more cost-effective: purchase equipment or outsource 3d scanning needs. "At NVision, we work by first consulting in-depth with a prospect, learning their needs, then advising them as to whether it is more cost- effective for them to purchase equipment or whether it is better to outsource. We believe this consulting makes NVision unique and has saved customers time and money," says Steve Kersen, NVision's VP of Sales & Marketing. Read the article featured on Quality Digest click here.


NVision article entitled "Choosing the Right Scanning Technology for Reverse Engineering" featured on CAD/CAM Connect and CATIA Community

(July 2013) - The article included information on how scanning technology can be beneficial for reverse engineering. Once a part is scanned in and converted, the computer models are then used to create duplicates of the original part (or, in the case of long-range scanning, the structure), analyze and optimize the original part, or - if used for inspection - to show deviations between the manufactured product and the original 3D design. After scanning is completed, the object’s 3D data is usually converted to an STL file, which is then used to create a 3D IGES/STEP/parasolid model or native solid in the specific CAD format required. These formats include CATIA, Pro/Engineer (Pro/E), SolidWorks, Inventor, Unigraphics/NX, and SolidEdge. Read the complete article, click here. Read the article posted on CAD/CAM Connect, click here.


NVision Helps Honor a Fallen Hero

(April 2013) - 3D Laser Scanning with a handheld scanner by NVision featured on The American Surveyor. NVision Inc. recently volunteered its 3D laser-scanning services to help Sarasota sculptor Greg Marra create an exact replica of the rifle that former Navy Seal Chris Kyle used while in the military. Using the company's HandHeld laser scanner, NVision technicians scanned the gun, collecting all the necessary data on the rifle's exact shape and size. Read the complete story here.


A Life Remembered, NVision Helps Honor a Fallen Hero

(April 2013) - NVIsion volunteers handheld scanner for 3D Laser Scanning to help Sarasota sculptor Greg Marra create an exact replica of the rifle that former Navy Seal Chris Kyle used while in the military. This HandHeld scanner is often used in contract inspection projects and is capable of capturing 3D geometry from objects of almost any size or shape. Read the complete story here.


NVision featured on Product Design and Development, article entitled "Robots Blaze New Path for Glaze"

(April 2103) - The handheld scanner by NVision scanned a number of one-piece toilet bowls and tank combinations for an equipment manufacturer. The data obtained from the 3D scanner was then converted to a CAD format for programming the robot path. The robot would be used to spray enamel on the exterior and bowl surfaces of a new product. Read the complete story on Product Design and Development.


NVision featured in Medical Design Briefs, article entitled "Using CT Scanning to Test / Inspect Medical Devices in dthe Design or Production Phase" (April 2013)


Advantages of NVision's 3D scanning in product liability cases featured on CATIA Community, The Independent Community for Dassault Systemes (March 2013)

Archive Publications


Non-Contact MAXOS measurement system and HandHeld Scanner used by Materials Analysis in liability case

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3d scanning by NVision provides critical evidence in product liability cases (Inventor Connections, InventorConnections.com, March 2013)


3d scanners used by NVision provide critical evidence in product liability cases (SolidWorks Community, SolidWorksCommunity.com, March 2013)


Increasing Medical CT Scanning Projects (January / February 2013, OnlineTMD.com)


NVision featured in Pumps & Systems magazine with article “Portable Laser Scanner Technology Reduces Time and Cost” (February 2013)


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NVision Part of Rapid Field Assistance in Science and Technology Center (RFAST-C) At Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (October 18, 2011)


NVision Helps Recalibrate CT Scanner - Prototype Today (September 28, 2011)


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