package moldTasked with multiple responsibilities, including the need to meet tight tolerances, reduce material waste, and obtain prompt certification, more packaging manufacturers today are finding their one-stop solution in 3D non-contact optical scanning. As of early 2022, every sector of packaging – and particularly pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural and food and beverage companies – are poised to experience some level of growth. As the global supply chain stabilizes in the wake of the pandemic and industry revives, the race to deliver packaging for a recovering economy will intensify. Non-contact optical scanning, particularly 3D laser scanning, should be considered an essential 21st-century technology for packaging manufacturers seeking to remain competitive in design, quality, and production efficiency.

Any industry needing a digital model of a part, product, or structure, be it for inspection, measurement, re-engineering, mass production, or preservation, can benefit from laser scanning. This includes packaging, architecture, healthcare, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, power generation, oil and gas, turbines, food, and many others. For example, “terrestrial” laser scanners can scan entire buildings for the construction industry.

NVision, Inc. was featured in Packaging Technology Today, October 2022. Click here for the full article