3D Scanning - Specializing in Industrial

NVision technologies are used across a broad ranges of industries. Applications include design, reverse engineering and inspection. Below are some samples of output from our systems.

Power Generation

NVision's technology provides precise CAD models for inspecting and reverse engineering every type of power plant equipment, from turbine blades, diaphragms, and casings to hydroelectric plant impellors and even complex facility piping layouts.

Oil & Gas

NVision scanners can measure and reverse-engineer oil extraction and ground-engaging tools of virtually every shape and size.


NVision systems provide accurate inspection measurement of turbine components including airfoil contours, leading and trailing edges, and geometry.


Maintenance and design engineers using NVision scanners are able to measure aircraft parts with extremely complex geometries to determine the levels of repair required, improve the accuracy of fluid dynamic models, reverse engineer key components, and assure the fit of aircraft accessories.

Consumer Products

From custom handgun grips to headform models for eyeglasses to K9 training equipment for law enforcement, NVision products are used throughout industry to capture extremely complicated one-of-a-kind prototype geometries to aid in further design engineering, create realistic models from design concepts, and for mass reproduction.

Military / Defense / Government

NVision helps the Department of Defense and its suppliers to better equip and sustain the armed forces through its state-of-the-art reverse engineering and inspection capabilities.

Automotive / Transportation

From the design studio to engineering of interior components, NVision products are used to faciliate rapid design and reverse engineering of motrocyles, autos, trucks, trailers and other automotive products.

Industrial Manufacturing

NVision products capture the most complex surface geometries to help manufactures improve product design and determine the accuracy of parts alignment and the fit of accessories.


By using NVision products to capture the complex surface geometries of surgical instruments, medical parts, even patients bodies, engineers are able to reproduce unique medical tools and test the calibration of diagnostic equipment such as CT scanners.

Art / heritage / archeology

NVision can laser-scan the complex contours of artistic sculptures or archeological artifacts, allowing them to be preserved forever as computer models, which can later be used to reproduce the original works at any size on a 3D printer.