Lockheed Martin Client Testimonial

NVision has a great capability, a good product, and good people backing it up.
~ DW

GE Aviation Client Testimonial

"Ok, Thank you! We got the CAD files they look really good!"

JW, Engineering Manager

The scan came out great, thanks so much. This will really help us with the project.

General Micro Systems Client Testimonial

Thank you guys (CAD Model) looks really good.

~ Sr. Mechanical Designer for General Micro Systems


Thanks for great work.

~ Srinivas P. / Engineer

Texas Aluminum Foundry

Thanks Steve. It looks great. I feel like we will be working with you more in the future.
~ CT, Chief Operating Officer

Tidel Engineering

"NVision was able to turn this around in a very short amount of time.Thank you and your engineering team for getting this done."

~ Steve R.

ABT Metals

"The models came out great. I was able to modify them to make them for what we needed. Thank you guys for all of the help and rush on these parts."

~ Derrick R.

VM Products

"The CAD Model looks great, I recommend moving forward with NVision."

~ Jay R.


"Great article (Quality Magazine article on Reverse Engineering), I enjoyed the reading a lot!"

~ Gerd S., Business Development Metrology


The Viper you guys scanned last year is doing great!

~ J.S. Design Engineer

Spirit of Texas TFH 807

You scanned a couple of boat propellers for us awhile back. I am happy to say it has helped us in improving our performance and we have set a new world record and a speed that exceeded any drag boat speed in history by 10 + MPH.

~ Paul Kirkland

E.Z. Portfolio Manager, Stryker Medical Corporation

Thank you again for the scans. They worked great.

Corpus Christi Army Depot

Please convey to your engineer that he did a fantastic job {training} and we look forward to seeing him again.

QMS Manager Client Testimonial

The model looks very good!
~ R. Rampersad

MasterCAM Sales Client Testimonial

"FYI, I am a fan of Nvision. There are few example of quality solids created from scanned data, and it seems every file I come across that is done correctly has your name on it."

Rotor Scan - NVisionRoto Scan Client Testimonial

"I have successfully downloaded and opened the rotor model. The work is very impressive to say the least. Thank you for the dilgence and caliber of your team's work. Please send the diaphragms individually as they become available. These will soon become urgent like the rotor."